O'MARK is not just a P R or Event Management agency. It's an well establish institution, more than 5 years in the business. We care our clients like family members. We understand their needs and nourish them

• Corporate pr
O"MARK has got broad spectrum of services. In a global village, we do perfect positioning of corporate. We give them reputation, and help them to create a good will in market.

O’Mark Education
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Information Technology

• Financial pr
Better understanding and quick services gains the results. O"MARK produces excellent results in field. Because are experts in bridging the gap between the clients and investors, shareholders.

• Marketing pr 
P R Communication is a perfect tool for marketing. Brand producers know the market trends and consumers choice O"MARK provides these data which help company to build their brands and help them to get involved media in it.

• Media relations
Over the 5 years O"MARK build the network all over the country. This relation helps clients to be a market leader. Establish and promote the their brands. Introduce innovations in the market.



• Investor relations
It's a confidence-building major. It requires healthy atmosphere wide publicity and a reputation O"MARK take care these aspects and provide influential p r structure, on each step.
• Crisis handling
O"MARK has an ousting tract record in this regard. Right from B M C elections, to VAT, & Load Shedding, O"MARK change the entire course of publicity, got involved social activists to resolve problems. When & how it's
a big story but the client got positive result.

• Event services
O"MARK has got good relations with prominent personalities of various fields. It helps make event very impressive naturally media attracts towards it O"MARK has a team network who take care of other part of events.

• Internal relations Related Services
Rang of services we provide to company. O"MARK help to prepare effective newsletters, internal meetings, training programs, moral booster exercise to strengthen the relations.
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