Career at O'Mark

Certificate Course in FSMIS:
Fundamentals of Stock Market and Investment Strategies.

Course Goal: Encouraging Maharashtrians and others to wisely invest in Equity market and intelligently manage risk and gain. Also for students of Finance to gain better understanding.

Course Content:
1. Introduction to Financial Market.
2. Investment Strategies.
3. Risk Management.
4. Financial Instruments.
(a) PE (Private Equity) (b) Publicaly Traded Equity (c) Mutual Funds
(d) Derivatives (e) Hedge Funds.
5. Online Trading Operation
and more.

Duration- 3 Days

Certificate Course in Commodity Trading

Course Goal: To encourage Maharashtrians and others to gain knowledge of commodity trading and be able to make intelligent investments in MCX.

Course Contents:
1. Introduction to commodity market.
2. Investment strategy in commodities like grains, precious metals, etc.
3. Managing risk to gain.
4. Online commodity trading.

Duration: 4hrs

Certificate Course in Gold Trading

Course Goal: Encourage Maharashtrians and Others to gain knowledge of Gold trading and make intelligent investments in Gold.

Course Contents:
1. Introduction to bullion market.
2. Investment strategy in Gold and Silver.
3. Managing risk to gain.
4. Online Gold Trading.

Duration: 4 hrs.
Preparatory course for GDCA.
Govt. Diploma in Co-operative & Accountancy.

Course Goal: To promote Maharashtrian youth to take up a career in co-operative Accountancy and Book-keeping.

Course Contents:
1. Introduction to principles of Accounting.
2. Book-Keeping
3. Audit.
4. Co-operative Laws.

Duration: 3months on Saturdays and Sundays. (4 hrs per day)

Certificate Course in Journalism

Course Goal: Encourage the youth to take up a career in Journalism and Public Relations.

Course Content:
1. Basics of communication for press, Television and Online.
2. Basics of Public Relations.
3. Developing writing skills

Duration: 3 months every Saturday and Sunday 4 hrs a day.

Certificate course in Hotel Management

Course Goal: Revolutionize service standards in the hospitality industry.

Course Contents:
1. Basics of Hotel Management.
2. Front office management.
3. Bartending and cocktail skills.
4. House keeping.
5. Developing Culinary skills.
6. Bakery.

Duration: 6 months/ 1 year. Alternate days 3hrs.

Certificate Course in Fashion Designing

Course Goal: Encourage young people to take up Fashion Designing as a career.

Course Content:
1. History of Fashion.
2. Contemporary Fashion.
3. Fashion Designing.
4. Sampling and Merchandising
5. Sketching.
6. Stitching
7. Purchase.
8. Show Window.

Duration: 6 months / 1 year Alternate days 3 hrs.